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Nate Arbinger is a Helwyn, a demon hunter, who uses ancient ballads to track escapees from Hell. While on the trail of the fiendish Elf Knight, Nate crosses paths with Molly Tucker, who is seeking revenge against the Elf Knight for her sister’s murder. As Nate and Molly close in on the demon, it becomes a race against time for Nate to send the Elf Knight back to Hell before the creature takes Molly as his next victim.
The Helwyn are demon hunters born of Hell, outcasts in the realm of demons. Rejecting evil, they have walked through Hellfire, a fearsome trial of purification to purge Hell from their souls. Cleansed of the curse of evil, they hunt Hell’s dark forces on earth, using age-old ballads as a road map to find these creatures and send them back to the Underworld.
Helwyn is the first book in the series and is based on the ballad Lady Isabelle and the Elf Knight, about the world’s first serial killer. Ballads are, after all, man’s first urban legends...




Songs of the Helwyn

Ballads are history’s first urban legends. These folk songs share a foundation in fact and are passed down from generation to generation until the truth is lost to time and only legend remains.

Ballad and man travel the same road, intertwined. As the cosmic wind is the song of the universe, so ballads are the song of mankind. They record his lessons, his love, his grief, the never ending battle between good and evil, and of the brave heroes, the Helwyn, who keep the world safe from the evil that lurks in the shadows.

The mysterious connection of man to music, and music to the spheres, creates a mystical bond between Helwyn and the Gods they serve to seek out and find Hell’s escapees. Helwyn track these monsters through the ballads man sings.



About Kate:

Kate Lockridge is the pen name for two sisters who have been writing together for many years.

They are two-time finalists for the Romance Writers of America’s prestigious Golden Heart Award for historical fiction and are authors of a children’s book published by Simon and Schuster, Katie's Too Big Coat by Jane Stephens.

They currently reside in Northern California and are working hard on the next book in the Songs of the Helwyn series.





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